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lab scale molecular distillation equipment

lab scale molecular distillation equipment

TOPTION this model stainless steel lab scale molecular distillation equipment is a small experimental distillation equipment, heating and cooling equipment (heater and chiller for precision temperature control system), and vacuum pump are all in the same stainless steel frame, which saves space and facilitates the safe operation of operators.

lab scale molecular distillation equipment

advantages of molecular distillation equipment

Advantages of TOPTION lab scale molecular distillation equipment

1. Integrated structure for space saving and easy movement.

2. Magnetic seal to ensure dependable vacuum performance, completely avoid material contamination.

3. Combination of rotary vane pump and diffusion pump to achieve high vacuum < 1Pa. Vacuum trim valve design, easy to trim the vacuum level during operation.

4. Integrated control cabinet, vacuum gauge and scraper speed are displayed and operated together.

5. Insulation pipelines and ball valves and feed tanks ensure reliable, stable, excellent insulation effects.

6. Double cold trap design, easy temperature control, makes ultra-light components and residual solvents can be trapped more fully. Cold trap dual sight glass design, better process observation,

7. Strong bearing casters reduce the vibration load and impact compound generated during the movement of distiller.

The picture below is the feedback given by our customers of stainless steel wiped film molecular distillation equipment for your reference

lab scale molecular distillation equipment customer case

distillation equipment global expo

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