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Service & Support

Why Us

molecular distillation equipment factory

1.Too expensive equipment prices limits.

2.Low quality equipment especially the vacuum system problem.

3.Lack of technical support or delays in technical assistance.

4.Service life is limited.

5.Equipment delivery, installation and commissioning take longer time than anticipated.

6.Adopting non-standardized manufacturing process.

7.Lack of troubleshooting guide or complicated troubleshooting instructions.

8.Late & slow after-sales service response.

9.From hemp to cbd oil whole process, what equipment is needed? How to match the equipment is the most cost-effective?

Even the simplest how to match vacuum pumps and high & low temperature equipment to maximize molecular distillation equipment performance, many companies lack of technical support & experiments.

TOPTION one stop solution

1.TOPTION molecular distillation equipment factory built in 2004, factory directly sale with competitive price.

2.TOPTION professional & powerful chemical engineers team consisted of senior experts or professional engineers, based on their more than 20 years practical experience of German brand equipment, design and develop TOPTION brand stainless steel short path molecular distillation equipment.  Guarantee reliable quality.

3.Exemplary after sales services and technical assistance from experienced TOPTION technical team.

4.Fast response technical support team to reduce downtime.

5.All distillation equipment come with simple to understand technical manual and troubleshooting guide.

6.With a reasonable charge, we are able to send our engineers to your facility and have the entire system assembled for you. We will also train your employees, and make sure they know how to operate the system safely and correctly.

7.15 years quality manufacturing experience,  professional chemical engineers team, guarantee one stop solution provide.

cbd distillation technical support

1.Establish oil distillation project

-Project proposal & budget analysis.
-HEMP to cbd oil whole process consultation & support.

2.Project Design

-All equipments needed in whole process.
-Technical drawings ensure before production.


-Whole production process reliable quality guarantee.
-Factory visit before delivery, installation & commissioning training.

4.Spare parts provide during the whole long service life of molecular distillation equipment.

Contact to customize your unique cbd distillation solution now.

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