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Water bath laboratory

Water bath laboratory

TOPTION laboratory water bath have many models to choose, the following table is a summary of the temperature range and capacity corresponding to each model for your reference. You can directly tell us your experimental needs, or what equipment do you want ( such as evaporator, distillation equipment, reactor, etc) to match the temperature control system, TOPTION have a professional team of engineers, can match the most suitable temperature control equipment according to your experimental needs and equipment performance requirements, help you maximize the utilization rate of the equipment.

Model Temperature range Volume
DC series
Max -120℃~100℃
DL series
Max -80℃~ RT
GX series



-100℃~-30℃ optional

TG series

water bath laboratory
water bath application

Water bath as the temperature control system has wide application, and the operation process is very simple. The picture below takes a desktop water bath as an example to show you simply how to operate the water bath.

how to operate water bath laboratory

The advantages of TOPTION brand water bath laboratory

1. PID controller - PID automatic control system, temperature digital display, simple operation & convenient use.

2. Stainless steel working bath - neat & easy to clean, goodtemp. uniformity in the tank , good fluidity of the medium , safe & reliable.

3. Stainless steel countertop - widening & thickening, long service life.

4. Drain valve design - clean & tidy appearance, the drain is convenient.

5. Whole machine adopts electrostatic spraying process - anti-rust and anti-corrosion.

water bath advantages

water bath advantages

TOPTION as water bath manufacturer with 15+ years experience, through ISO CE certification, support customization, OEM, ODM, in stock for fast delivery within 3 working days. Contact to inquiry factory directly sale price list now.

water bath supplier

CE water bath

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