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Electric blast drying oven

Electric blast drying oven

TOPTION electric blast drying oven with wide temperature range RT+10℃ ~ 400℃ precision temperature control, capacity range 30L-1000L are optional, the structure of drying oven as below, we support customization based on your actual requirements, OEM & ODM supported. ISO CE certification, 1 year warranty period, equipment long service life wholehearted service.

electric blast drying oven structure
blast drying oven application

Advantages of TOPTION brand electric blast drying oven

1. Reliable quality steel plate, shell is sprayed with plastic on the surface.

2. Stainless steel inner tank, anti-pollution, high temp. resistance, long service life.

3. Multi-layer structure, items can be large or small, making full use of space.

4. Thicken insulation layer, effectively increase the heating speed & reduce heat loss.

5. High temperature resistant silicone sealing strip to ensure the tightness of drying chamber.

6. Built-in internal circulation blast system to make the indoor temperature uniform.

blast drying oven advantages
blast drying oven benefits

TOPTION drying oven is mainly used for drying, baking, wax melting, sterilization, etc., such as Chinese herbal medicine drying, food drying, aging experiment, glassware drying, equipment drying, medical equipment, chemical industry, industrial products, etc.

For the CBD industry, TOPTION specially designed a drying oven with 5-sided constant temperature heating and a visual lamp design, as shown in the figure below. Of course, this vacuum drying oven is not only used for the drying of cbd crystals or cbd isolates, but can also be used for all types of drying purpose of ordinary drying oven.

drying oven function
drying oven for cbd

drying oven supplier

drying oven package

ISO CE certification drying oven supplier and manufacturer with 15+ years experience, support in stock fast delivery within 3 days, unique customization, OEM, ODM, factory directly sale with most competitive price help you save cost and time, contact inquiry now.

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