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drying oven lab

drying oven lab

30L 50L 90L 210L TOPTION most hot sale types of drying oven, in stock fast delivery, factory direct sales, support customization, OEM, ODM, distributor wholesale prices. This chemistry lab drying oven adopts large LCD screen display, clear and simple operation panel, glass window, and LED lamp design in the drying chamber, which allows you to easily and intuitively observe the degree of drying of the material.

drying oven structure
drying oven working principle

How to use the drying oven

1. Put the material into the stainless steel tray.

2. Put the material tray into the drying chamber.

3. Turn on the heating, five sides uniform heating, each layer of the tray inside is evenly heated.

The following is a case of our customer who is engaged in the cbd industry, drying cbd crystals, for your reference

drying oven customer case

In addition to the application in the cbd industry, the application fields of vacuum drying ovens are very wide, include biochemistry, chemical pharmaceutical, medical hygiene, agricultural research, environmental protection, powder drying, dry heat sensitivity | easy to decompose and dry oxidizing substances, sterilization of glass containers,etc.

drying oven application

drying oven certification

drying oven supplier

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