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food freeze dryer

TOPTION brand pet food freeze dryer, household freeze drying machine for fruit, food, vegetables, meat, etc.  ISO CE verified Chinese manufacturer and supplier factory directly sale with most economical price, easy operation, fast drying.

Food freeze dryer
freeze dryer certification

Wide application of TOPTION household freeze dryer lyophilizer equipment

1. Food industry, all kinds of food, fruit, vegetables, meat, etc.
2. Nutrition & health care, ganoderma, cordyceps, etc.
3. Scented tea, rose, tea, locust, etc, all kinds of fruit / flower tea.
4. Herbal medicine, all kinds of general forage.
5. Pet food, Home-made or small business healthy pet food.

function of food freeze dryer
freeze dryer advantages

The above picture is the effect picture of the freeze-dried food after using the freeze drying machine feedback from our customers. It can be seen that the color of the food is maintained very well, and the nutrient content in the food can be maximized. The freeze-dried food can be eaten directly, you can also restore the normal state of the food after adding water. The entire operation process of freeze dryer is very simple

freeze dryer operation process

freeze dryer package

food freeze dryer supplier

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