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TOPTION cbd distillation equipment stainless steel type, compared with glass distillation equipment, stainless steel material can guarantee the distillation efficiency several times higher than other materials because of its better thermal conductivity, and the stainless steel molecular distillation equipment is more durable when the vacuum distillers is running at high and low temperatures, ensure there are no cracks and other phenomena, worry-free after-sales.

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Factory direct sales, providing one-to-one professional customization services, multi-stages distillation equipment, wiped film evaporator and short path distiller combination, from small-scale experimental to industrial production type, waiting for your contact through

MDS-10CE is TOPTION hotsale lab cbd distillation equipment, Let us take a brief look at the technical parameters of this short path distillation equipment

Model MDS-10CE cbd distillation machine
Evaporation area 0.10m2, 5inch  (customization support  - 7inch / 8inch / 12inch / 14inch / 20inch / 32inch)
Capacity 3-15 L/h
Mixing motor power 370W, UL / CE motor are optional
External condenser and cold trap design 1 + 1
Material wholeset Quality stainless steel
Material charging and discharging method UL / CE gear pump, for stable & continuous non-stop running
Material tank Stainless steel jacketed layer design
Evaporators 316L evaporator with internal condenser design
Material discharging Flow 3-15 L/h

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From biomass crude oil extraction, to get high purity cbd oil, cbd crystals, crystals drying, whole cbd processing turnkey solution customization, UL / CE certification configurations are available, company through ISO certification, SGS, TUV, BV certification, reliable quality guarantee, and for this MDS-10CE hotsale distillation equipment, in stock for fast delivery within 7days, contact now.

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