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climbing film evaporator

TOPTION climbing film evaporator is also popular as rising film evaporator, it is the most efficient evaporator compared with rotary evaporator, wiped film evaporator and falling film evaporator. UL certification, reliable in quality, 24h/7days continuously working, 200L/h to 1000L/h wide capacity range customization.

climbing film evaporator

Technical parameters of TOPTION hotsale mode 200L climbing film evaporator

Model RFE-200L rising film evaporator
Material 304 stainless steel
Evaporator size 5 m2
Condenser capacity 15 m2 * 1pcs, 5 m2 * 1pcs
Material charging and discharging method High precision gear pump
Storage tank volume 1000L
Flow meter Have
Level gauge Have

Advantages of TOPTION stainless steel rising film evaporator

pump of rising film evaporator

evaporator design

condenser of evaporator

evaporator discharging pump

evaporator factory

turnkey solution customize

evaporator package

certification of evaporator

global expo of evaporator

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