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Stainless steel storage tank

TOPTION stainless steel storage tank include double layer and singler layer type, here we mainly talk about double-layer stainless steel storage tanks, which can be connected to low-temperature equipment - chillers to do alcohol pre-freezing, and prepare low-temperature alcohol for centrifugal extraction process, the temperature can reach minus 80 degrees Celsius.

stainless steel storage tank

storage tank application

As can be seen from the above picture, this stainless steel jacketed storage tank has a very wide range of uses. In fact, as a manufacturer of extraction and distillation equipment, the development and production of this stainless steel storage tank is mainly for those customers of TOPTION who are work in the cbd industry, so TOPTION engineers made the design of the explosion-proof control cabinet to ensure the safety of the operator, the design of the level gauge, and the design of the temperature sensor. Among Chinese suppliers, the stainless steel storage tank can be designed with such an exquisite design , TOPTION is the only one, quality is our culture.

storage tank supplier

storage tank design

storage tank design

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cbd extraction distillation turnkey solution

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