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Turnkey solution

Turnkey solution

TOPTION Instrument Co.,ltd is the manufacturer of biomass extraction, cbd distillation equipment, located in China, provide technical support and professional customization based on more than 15 years development, production, sale and service experience. United states, Canada, Colombia, Europe are our main market, TOPTION have provide technical support for tens of thousands organizations to solve problems within their research, special for cbd industry, essential oil industry, university, research institutes,etc.

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Turnkey solution cbd oil distillation one stop solution , include short path molecular distillation equipment, low temperature ethanol extraction equipment, filtration equipment, rising film evaporator, decarboxylation reaction tank, crystallization filter reactor, nutsche filter, rotary evaporator, heating & cooling circulator bath, vacuum pump, etc. Help you save time and cost, contact directly fast communicate with manufacture.

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From biomass to achieve pure CBD oil, crystal drying, customized packaging turnkey solutions, ISO, CE, UL, TUV certification, On-site service, installation, video guidance, factory online live show, we work closely with our clients to deliver a successful and extraordinary cbd extraction and distillation system, choose TOPTION to maximize your benefits. We believe, TOPTION will be your TOP OPTION.

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Since 2004 TOPTION brand cbd extraction | distillation equipment has been used and praised in many counties including Canada, United States, Poland, Russia, Spain, and Switzerland. We plan our overseas exhibitions in advance every year. Up to now, TOPTION has participated in many exhibitions in Canada, Los Angeles, San Jose, and Las Vegas, as well as laboratory exhibitions in Russia and Korea. In December 2020, we will participate in the Las Vegas cbd exhibition again, and in 2021 we will also attend the Switzerland cbd exhibition. 

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Technical support, fast delivery with available storage, overseas installation / training service is available, contact to get your cbd oil turnkey solution now!

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