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14 inch molecular distillation

14 inch molecular distillation

TOPTION new design MDS-100CE 14 inch stainless steel wiped film molecular distillation equipment with available storage, support fast delivery. UL certification reliable quality guarantee, online live show installation / operation training. PLC control system customization is support, for easy operation and help you save labor cost.

14 inch molecular distillation

- UL certification reliable quality guarantee.

- Professional used to produce clean and clear cbd oil.

- Customizable configurations with greatest flexibility for clients options.

Technical paramaters of TOPTION this stock availble wiped film molecular distillation equipment

Model MDS-100CE 14 inch molecular distillation set
Material charging UL certified high precision gear pump continuously stable automatic material charging
Evaportion area 1m2 wiped film type
Cold trap Dual cold trap design for high collection rate
Oil dischagring UL certified high precision gear pump continuously stable automatic material discharging
Material pipeline Jacketed insulation
Shelf and assemble 304 stainless steel
Vacuum system High vacuum molecular pump unit
Heating and cooling temperature circulating pump Are available
Package Three wooden package, guarantee safe delivery

Structure design of molecular distillation

Adavantages of TOPTION short path molecular distillation equipment

14 inch molecular distillation

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