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bag filter

Bag filter and cartridge filter combined two stages filtration equipment, cart with casters design, easy to move, flexible to use and save space. Idea filter used after ethanol extraction centrifuge, to do cbd crude oil filtration efficient.

bag filter

Technical parameters of TOPTION brand two stage bag filter

Model C50 C220
Filtration flux 3-5m3/h 7-9m3/h
Dimension 20 inch, ID200mm 20 inch, ID273mm
Accuracy 50um + 5um 50um + 5um
Number of filter bags 1 1
Number of filter elements 3 7
Pump power 2.2KW 3KW
Filtration equipment size 1100*500*1150 1200*550*1350

filter centrifuge pump

This stacked filter system consists of three parts: a centrifugal pump, a bag filter, and a precision cartridge filter.  Centrifugal pump support stable and continuously working.

Professional equipped with ethanol extraction centrifuge, idea filter to process cbd crude oil, TOPTION as cbd extraction | distillation turnkey solution provider, with more than 15 years manufacturing experience, strong engineers team support professional customize. Contact to get fast price quote, stock available fast delivery, wholehearted service.

bag filter

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