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Rotary evaporation to remove solvent

Rotary evaporation to remove solvent

Rotary evaporation apparatus is mainly used to remove the solvent from sample by evaporation, the efficient is effected by the vacuum degree of evaporation system, cooling temperature control system.The evaporation temperature is decided by your sample boiling point.

30L rotary evaporator

rotary evaporation to remove solvent

Note: normal digital display rotary evaporator (Left side), explosion proof rotary evaporator customize (Right side). Automatic lifting, automatic control system is available. Could buy evaporation flask, collection flask and other glass parts separately, contact 24h/7days online service.

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Technical parameters of TOPTION 30L rotary evaporation to remove solvent

30L rotary evaporator to remove solvent


Evaporating Flask (L)


Receiving Flask (L)

10L + 10L, bottom discharge

Condensing Surface (㎡)


Rotation Speed (rpm)


Max Evaporating Speed (Ethyl Alcohol)


Lifting Type

Automatic lifting

Reachable Vacuum Rate

0.098Mpa  (SHB-B95 Vacuum Pump)

Bath Power (kw)


Staic Temp. Control Range & Wave (

RT-99(170)  ±0.2

Bath Size. Capacity Material

45*27H,   40L, SUS304


220V,  50/60Hz

Dimensions (mm)


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TOPTION rotary evaporator factory, with more than 15 years production experience, through CE certification, ISO approved, reliable quality guarantee, support global OEM and professional customize.

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TOPTION team, believe will help you to save cost & save money, wholehearted service and fast delivery, choose TOPTION rotary evaporator to maximize your benefits.

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