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Explosion proof rotary evaporator

Explosion proof rotary evaporator

Rotary evaporator is an ideal instrument necessary for the concentration, drying and recycling, widely applied in chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, foods, environmental protection, universities & colleges, research laboratories, etc.

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Technical parameters of TOPTION brand pilot rotary evaporator ( 0.5L ~ 100L professional customize contact )

Explosion Proof Rotary Evaporator Model



Evaporating Flask(L)


Receiving Flask(L)

5L, bottom discharge

Condensing Surface(㎡)


Rotation Speed (rpm)


Max Evaporating Speed (Ethyl Alcohol)


Lifting Type

Automatic lifting

Reachable Vacuum Rate

0.098Mpa (SHB-B95 Vacuum Pump)

Bath Power (kw)


Staic Temp. Control Range & Wave (

RT-99(170) ±0.2

Bath Size. Capacity Material

35*25H, 22L, SUS304


220V, 50/60Hz

Dimensions (mm)


* Note: Max   evaporating speed is affected by operation setting and the performances and   matching levels of supporting equipment.
"A"-Automatic lifting, "AD"-Automatic Lifting 170
Oil Bath,    "AEX"-Automatic Lifting Explosion Protection.

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Manual production process of rotary evaporator glass, guarantee the glass be uniform, no crack during rotary evaporator operation, reliable quality ensure long service life.

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For rotary evaporator, using tap water as the cooling source to connect with condenser, is very commonly, of course the lower condensation temperature will achieve better efficient of evaporation process. So chiller cooling circulators is necessary.

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Above shows the rotary evaporation one stop solution, include chiller, vacuum controller, and vacuum pump, if you could not ensure the suitable models matched with your rotavapor, please contact our engineers will contact with you in time to recommend, this service is free.

Storage is available to guarantee fast delivery, wooden box package ensure safe shipping, support rotavapor sea shipping, air transportation, or express by DHL, UPS, FEDEX, etc.

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0.5L ~ 100L wide volume rotary evaporator customize, support OEM ( even through you only need 1 set ), contact to get your evaporation solution.

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