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Short Path Distillation Kit

Short Path Distillation Kit

Glass short path distiller is a new distillation technique that involves the distillate travelling a short distance. It is a method to separate mixtures based on differences in their volatilities in a boiling liquid mixture under reduced pressure.

Short path distillation kit has 2L 5L type, suitable for home distillation and laboratory research. With the legalization of cbd oil in more & more countries, this small short path distillation kit is popular used in cbd distillation, clove oil, essential oil, etc.

short path distillation kit

Technical parameters of home use short path distillation set

Part Description Of Short Path Distillation System


2L magnetic stirring heating mantle

1 Set

Desktop precise chiller, -25 ~ RT

1 Set

Glass cold trap with 1L receiving flask

1 Set

Rotary vane oil pump, 5CFM (2L/S)

1 Set

Round bottom flask, 2L, 3-neck, hand blown, 24/40

1 Pcs

Short path distillation head, vacuum jacketed,   24/40

1 Pcs

Thermometer inlet adapter, internal thread, 24/40

1 Pcs

Distillation cow receiver, 1-to-3, 24/40

1 Pcs

Round bottom flask, 250ml, 1-neck, hand blown,   24/40

3 Pcs

Neck clamp, 24/40, plastic

6 Pcs

Hexagonal glass bottle stopper, 24/40

1 Pcs

Cork ring stand for flask, 110mm

3 Pcs

Cork ring stand for flask, 140mm

1 Pcs

Silicone tubing, 8mm, I.D, 24 O.D


Stainless steel lab jack, 8*8cm

1 Pcs

Glass thermometer, 300

1 Pcs

2-prong condenser clamp

1 Pcs

short path distillation kit

Short path distillation glass kit
Cold trap
Magnetic stirring heating mantle
Cooling circulator
Vacuum pump

CE certification, ISO approved, 1 year warranty period,

wholehearted service during distiller whole long service life.

short path distillation kit

short path distillation apparatus

1. PTFE 14/20 and 24/40 thermo inlet adapters with viton gaskets.

2. Heavy wall glassware for durability.

3. Downward material drain port.

4. Vacuum jacketed vapor channel.

5. Distillation head with multiple sets of vigreux.

6. Recirculating fluid and vacuum connectors: GL-16 adapter and 3/8" hose barb.

7. High quality and heavy duty Borosilicate 3.3 glass for durability.

8. Vacuum-jacketed distillation adapter, with 6 vigreux stages.

9. 2L / 5L heating mantle with magnetic stirring function, available in 110V or 220V.

10. Carefully designed 3-way cow adapter accommodates up to 3pcs of 500mL pear-shaped flask.

11. GCT-01 cold trap protects the vacuum pump from contamination and damage of vapors.

12. Flexible choice of vacuum pumps and heater/chillers.

CE short path distillation kit
USA brand certification

Stainless steel molecular distillation equipment

short path distillation

short path distillation kit

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