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100L Rotary Evaporator

TOPTION 100L Rotary evaporator is mainly used in pharmaceutical, chemistry and bio-pharmaceuticals industries, for concentration, crystallization, drying, separation and solvent recovery. Cost-effective rotary vacuum evaporator for solvent remove, ethanol | alcohol recovery, popuar used after biomass hemp oil extraction process.

100l rotary evaporator
100l rotary evaporator certification

Technical parameters of 100L large rotary evaporator

Product name Explosion proof type rotary evaporator
Type RE-100LEX
Evaporation flask capacity
Collection flask capacity
10L + 50L
Lifting method
Bath automatic lifting
Rotational speed
0-110 rpm
Rotational speed digital display
Temperature digital display
Water bath power
16 Kw
Temperature sensor type
Temperature fluctuation accuracy
+ - 0.2 Celsius degree
Working conditions

Environment temperature

Environment humidity

Working frequency

Working  voltage

< = 30℃

< = 60%



rotary evaporator

rotary evaporator price

100L rotary evaporator working vedio, contact

10L, 20L, 30L, 50L rotary evaporator

rotary evaporator price

Laboratory rotary evaporator 0.5L, 1L, 2L, 3L, 5L, 10L, 20L, 30L, 50L wide capacity range professional customize, global OEM.

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rotary evaporator supplier

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