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Blast drying oven laboratory

Blast drying oven laboratory

TOPTION this type blast drying oven is widely acclaimed in the field of laboratory applications, desktop type, vertical type can be selected, ordinary drying oven RT+10℃~250℃, RT+10℃~300℃ two temperature range optional, also have high temperature drying oven, you can choose based on your actual requirements include RT+10 ~ 300℃, 100℃ ~ 400℃.

blast drying oven laboratory
CE blast drying oven laboratory

Below is a temperature guide for some applications for your reference. You can contact TOPTION directly through , tell us the materials which you need dry, we can provide you with selection guidance and help.

drying oven application

drying oven applications

In addition to being used in laboratory, TOPTION this electric heating blast drying oven is also used for drying, baking, wax melting, and sterilization for industrial and mining enterprises, laboratory rooms, and scientific research units, such as Chinese herbal medicine drying, food drying, and aging experiment, glassware drying, equipment drying, medical equipment, chemical industry, industrial products, etc.

Therefore, the application fields of drying oven are very wide. If you don’t know how to choose the right temperature range and capacity of drying room, you can contact us directly for help through . As a ISO CE certified manufacturer of drying ovens, standard products are in stock and can be shipped quickly. At the same time, we provide customization, OEM and ODM.

blast drying oven supplier
drying oven expo

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