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Botanical extraction equipment

Botanical extraction equipment

TOPTION stainless steel botanical extraction equipment with alcohol pre-freezing tank, refrigeration equipment, subsequent filtration / dewaxing / wintering equipment complete set customization, 15lbs - 220lbs biomass/batch wide capacity range customization, with UL certification, GMP standard, explosion proof system for safe operation, fully automatic PLC control system are available.

botanical extraction equipment complete set

Technical parameters of botanical extraction equipment (15lbs-220lbs biomass/batch)

Model TOP-C15 TOP-C30
Extraction tank load-bearing 25 lbs 50 lbs
Biomass per batch 15 lbs/batch 30 lbs/batch
Vessel diameter 12 inch 18 inch
Vessel volume 18 L 48 L
Alcohol solvent 57 L 110L
Certification UL certification, meet GMP standard
Explosion proof system Explosion proof system for safe operation, fully automatic PLC control system is available

botanical extraction equipment working process
botanical extraction equipment application

The above picture is the operation process of the botanical centrifugal extraction equipment. It can be seen that it is very simple and the whole process can be automated. It is a very popular process in the hemp biomass extraction industry, and it is also widely used in other industries, such as pharmaceutical industry, essential oil extraction, petrochemical enterprise, food and beverage factory, microbial fermentation, research laboratory, etc.

botanical extraction equipment factory

botanical extraction equipment package

botanical extraction equipment certification

Ethanol extraction equipment is to obtain crude oil from biomass. Generally, it also needs to go through the process of dewaxing filtration, solvent removal or alcohol recovery, decarboxylation, and distillation to obtain a certain degree of purity of cbd oil. Want to obtain cbd crystals or cbd isolates, crystallization and drying processes are also required. TOPTION provide whole production line turnkey solution customization, contact

botanical extraction turnkey solution

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