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molecular distiller for terpene distillation

molecular distiller for terpene distillation

TOPTION as the ISO SGS TUV certified top manufacturer and super supplier of molecular distillation equipment, provide UL and CE two different configurations, technical support, lab - pilot -  industry types customization, can fully customized based on your actual requirements. For molecular distiller, not only could be used for terpene distillation, and also widely used for cbd oil, essential oil, fish oil, DHA distillation & separation, etc.

stainless steel molecular distiller
cbd oil distillation turnkey solution

Technical parameters of MDS-6 series lab scale molecular distiller for terpene distillation

Model MDS-6CE
Material Reliable quality 316L stainless steel for durable operation, efficient thermal conductivity, corrosion resistance performance
Material feeding tank capacity 3L
Material charging and discharging method UL / CE two types gear pump for 24h/7days continuously operation
Evaporation area 0.06 m2
Sealing method Mechanical seal, and magnetic sealing is optional
Cold trap Dual purpose cold trap design, chiller and liquid nitrogen could be used
Material pipeline design Jacketed insulation design

Advantages of molecular distiller wiped film distillation equipment

molecular distiller for terpene distillation

molecular distiller factory

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Various types molecular distillation equipment customization, wide application, contact to get factory directly sale price list now.

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