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cbd isolate extraction equipment

cbd isolate extraction equipment

15+ years verified top manufacturer and super supplier of cbd isolate extraction equipment, subsequents filtration equipment, evaporators, distillers, decarboxylation and crystallization reactor, drying oven, etc. UL / CE configurations are available, heating and cooling circulators for precision temperature control, jacketed storage tank are available.

cbd isolate extraction equipment
extraction equipment production process

TOPTION cbd isolate extraction equipment production process

1. Open the cover lid of centrifugal extraction equipment and put the filter bag with dried hemp leaves | biomass into the centrifuge drum | extraction chamber.

2. Add alcohol to the inside of the centrifuge extraction tank to soak the dried biomass (the alcohol needs to be pre-frozen), and the centrifuge extractors starts to mix forward and backward at low speed.

3. After the dried biomass are soaked for the set time, the outlet valve will automatically open to release the alcohol inside the centrifuge extractor.

4. The centrifuge extractor is used for multi-stage high-speed deliquoring to remove the residual alcohol in the dried hemp, get hemp crude oil liquid.

5. Open the cover lid of cbd extraction equipment and take out the biomass, and the whole work process is completed.

Very simple operation, and you can choose a fully automatic PLC control system. The whole extraction equipment adopts explosion-proof system and nitrogen protection system to ensure safe operation. Centrifugal extraction machines are not only used in the cbd industry, but also in many other industries, include pharmaceutical industry, research laboratory, petrochemical enterprise, food industry, etc.

cbd isolate extraction equipment application
extraction equipment advantages

cbd isolate extraction equipment factory

cbd isolate extraction equipment exhibition

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