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drying oven chemistry

drying oven chemistry

TOPTION this type drying oven chemistry adopt five sides evenly heated, contact with vacuum pump, so it is also named as vacuum drying oven, suitable for heat sensitive materials, such as cbd crystals | isolate drying.

drying oven chemistry
cbd crystals drying oven

Technical parameters of TOPTION this type drying oven

Model VO-16020
Volume 30L ( 50L, 90L, 210L and larger capacity is available, customization, OEM are available)
Standard shelves 8pcs
Shelf capacity 5kg
Temperature range RT+10~150°C ( RT+50~300oF )
Fluctuation + - 1°C
Vacuum <= 133Pa, vacuum pump is optional
Oven dimension (WxDxH) 615x5151x530

Structure of drying oven chemistry

drying oven structure
drying oven advantages

1. 5 sides are evenly heated, connect with vacuum pump, and it is suitable for heat-sensitive materials.

2. LED light design in the drying chamber, which can help you observe the state of the drying material more clearly, which is very convenient.

3. Large LCD screen display, easy-to-understand operation interface, making the whole operation very easy.

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drying oven CE

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