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chemical distillation reactor

chemical distillation reactor

ISO CE certification reliable quality chemical distillation reactor manufacturer and supplier in China, from 1L to 250L lab - pilot - industry wide capacity range customization, single-layer, double-layer and three-layer glass reactors, standard reactors are in stock and can be shipped quickly, provide drawing customization services, OEM, provide technical services, glass kettle installation and use training, on-site installation and training services is available.

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Technical parameters of TOPTION chemical distillation reactor ( customization supported, include filtration function, ultrasonic homogenize function, downward open type, reaction tank lifting / rotation function, multi stages type, etc.)

Model TOPT-150L
Material Borosilicate glass
Reactor body volume 150L
Reactor cover opening Five openings, customization based on your actual requirements is available
Reactor body discharged material Yes
Induction motor power 250W
Motor reducer 1:3
Actual mixing speed 0-680 turns/min, (can reach to 1000 turns/ min is optional)
Power supply voltage 220V 50Hz/60Hz ( include plug can be customized)
Package Wooden box package, TOPTION is responsible for logistics safety and ensure that you receive good reactors, please unpack and inspect the reactors as soon as possible after receiving it, we will help you about installation and operation through videos / calling.

Working principle of chemical distillation reactor jacketed glass reactors

chemical distillation reactor working principle

Complete set jacketed glass reactor with chiller, heater and chiller, vacuum pump and vacuum controller. Under the condition of setting a constant temperature ( precision temperature control), in a closed glass reactor, the reaction can be stirred under normal pressure or negative pressure according to the requirements of use, and can be used for the reflux and distillation of the reaction solution.

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