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low cost freeze dryer

low cost freeze dryer

This LED type freeze dryer of our company is economical and affordable. It is a very practical choice for households, small laboratories, and small businesses. It is widely used for drying food, fruits, vegetables, meat, etc., after freeze drying. The food is easier to store for a long time, and the nutrients in the food are retained to the greatest extent.

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Technical parameters of TOPTION FD series low cost freeze dryer (LCD display touch screen vacuum freeze dryer is optional)

Model FD series LED display freeze drying equipment
Type Freeze drying equipment
Voltage 220V/50Hz or 110V / 60Hz are optional (plug can be customized)
Power 970W
Certification CE/ISO9001
Warranty period 1 year
Water capture ability 3-4 kg/h
Heating source Electric
Material Stainless steel
Package Wooden case

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