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spray drying equipment for milk powder

spray drying equipment for milk powder

TOPTION this hotsale type 5L 10L 15L spray drying equipment uses a centrifugal nozzle, so it is also called a centrifugal spray dryer, adopt PLC automatic automatic control system, touch screen for easy operation, the interface language can be customized to your local language.Through ISO CE certification, 1 year warranty period, lifetime wholehearted service, in stock fast delivery within 3 days.

spray drying equipment for milk powder

spray drying equipment application

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Technical parameters of TOPTION spray drying equipment

Model TP-S30 TP-S50 TP-S100
Max capacity 3000 ml/h 5000 ml/h
10000 ml/h
Temperature range of inlet air 30~300 celsius degree 140~300 celsius degree 50~300 celsius degree
Temperature range of outlet air 30~140 celsius degree 80~90 celsius degree 30~150 celsius degree
Precision of temp + - 1 celsius degree
Dryer time 1.0 ~ 1.5 S
Total power 10KW 380V
Dried powder restoring rate >= 95%
Maximum moisture evaporator 3 kg/h 5 kg/h
10 kg/h
Certification CE / ISO9001

Working principle of spray drying equipment liquid to powder making machine stainless steel spray dryers

working principle of spray drying equipment

As a drying equipment manufacturer with 15 years of R&D and production experience, in addition to the fast delivery of standard spray dryers, TOPTION also provide professional customized services. According to the customer's material characteristics and process requirements, we design the most suitable solution with the highest efficiency and the most energy-saving. The picture below is some of our customized solutions for customers for your reference, if you are interested, please contact us through

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