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commercial freeze dryer

TOPTION commercial freeze dryer is most suitable for home use or small business, it adopts PLC control system, touch screen operation, one-button start, child lock password can be set, optional vacuum pump matching high-quality international advanced technology vacuum pump, working silent, long-term operation without hot, freeze drying chamber and material tray are made of 304 stainless steel , corrosion resistance, meet GMP standards, make food safe.

Commercial freeze dryer
freeze dryer types

Wide application of this type commercial freeze dryer

1. Pet food all kinds of meat, fish, etc.

2. Food industry, include fruits and vegetables, meats, cheeses, desserts, and even full meals, which is much better than canning and dehydrating, as freeze drying food can keep 100% of food's nutrition.

3. Scented tea, include all kinds of flower tea, green tea, instant coffee, etc.

4. Nutrition & health care, such as ginseng, ganoderma lucidum, cordyceps, herbs, etc.

5. Herbal medicine including honeysuckle, mint leaves, licorice, etc.

application of freeze dryer
food freeze drying

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