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Home freeze drying small commercial freeze dryers supplier and manufacturer in China, ISO CE certification dependable quality guarantee, 1 year warranty period, life time wholehearted service, support OEM, customization, dealer prices, more than 15 years of R&D, production and export experience of drying equipment, to ensure high-quality production, timely delivery and safe shipping, the damage to the freeze dryer caused during transportation is the responsibility of TOPTION to ensure that the dryers you receive are perfect.

home freeze drying equipment supplier
freeze dryer application

How to use the home freeze drying vacuum freeze dryer

Step 1, wash and clean up food / fruit / meat / flower tea / herbal / pet food, etc.

Step 2, slice or block, according to your actual requirement.

Step 3, place the food on the material tray ( which is made of food grade stainless steel, ensure safe and easy clean ), and put it in the freeze drying room.

Step 4, set up freeze drying process, set up intelligent control operation, whole process is automatic.

Step 5, wait for program be finished, take out the freeze dried food and sealed packaging, can ensure long-term storage.

freeze dryer operation

The picture below is the effect of freeze-dried food feedback from our customers, for your reference

home freeze drying machine

freeze dryer package

home freeze dryer supplier

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