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small freeze dryer for home use

TOPTION small freeze dryer for home use, adopt One-button start of equipment defrosting, making the freeze dryer quick and easy to use. Adjustable temperature, controllable production process, with program operation prompt function, which can meet the drying of various materials, ensure the drying effect of food / fruit / meat / herbal / flower tea / pet food, etc.

freeze dryer for home use
freeze dryer advantages

Why choose TOPTION brand small freeze dryer for home use / small business

1. Easy operation, PLC control system, touch screen operation, one-button start, easy operation effect.

2. Make food safe, GMP standard SS304 stainless steel material, make food safe.

3. Silent, long term operation without hot. International advanced technology vacuum pump DRV-10, slient, long-term operation without hot.

4. Acrylic food, large window, no fogging, observe the freeze drying situation of food clearly at any time you need.

5. The operation of freeze dryer is very simple. It can be used directly on the kitchen table. It does not take up space and is easy to clean. Below are the sizes of TOPTION 3 hot-selling models for your reference.

freeze dryer size
freeze drying process

application of freeze dryer

freeze dryer manufacturer

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