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thermostat bath

TOPTION thermostat bath is used for constantly test, test or store test samples or products in a place with controlled cold and heat and uniform temperature, provide a source of cold and heat for chemical reactions, popular matched with vacuum distillation equipment, evaporation equipment, glass reactors, stainless steel reactors, extraction equipment, ultrasonic instrument, etc.

thermostat bath

Applications of thermostat bath, matched with these chemical equipment to do heating and cooling reactions.

short path distillation kit

Short path distillation kit

molecular distillation equipment

Molecular distillation equipment

rising film evaporator

Rising film evaporator

rotary evaporator

Rotary evaporator

glass reactor

Glass reactor

stainless steel reactor

Stainless steel reactor

Technical parameters of TOPTION thermostat bath heating and cooling circulators ( wide temperature range customization )

Model LX-0700 Thermostat bath chiller
Medium temperature range -25 ~ 30 Celsius, wide temp. range customization based on your actual requirement
Temp. control and display ASET multifunctional controller 7 inch touch screen display
Temp. control optional Heat-conducting medium outlet temperature control
Circulating pump Max 35L/min, 1.5bar
Capacity of liquid storage 25L (other capacity is optional)
Compressor Copeland
Material Cold rolled steel, SUS304 material is optional

thermostat bath certification
thermostat bath sale

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