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laboratory oven thermal ovens

TOPTION laboratory oven thermal ovens is also popular known as vacuum drying oven which is widely used for powder drying, baking and all kinds of glass containers’ disinfection and sterilization, especially for fast and effective drying process of heat-sensitive, labile, oxidizing materials.

laboratory oven
lab vacuum drying oven

Technical parameters of TOPTION this type laboratory oven thermal ovens

Model DZF-6050 DZF-6210
Work voltage AC220V 50Hz AC220V 50Hz
Range of temperature control RT+10~250 celsius degree RT+10 ~250 celsius degree
Temperature resolution 0.1 celsius degree 0.1 celsius degree
Input power 1200W 2200W
Interior dimension WxDxH (mm) 415 x 370 x 345 560 x 600 x 640
Overall dimension WxDxH (mm) 830 x 640 x 540 720 x 805 x x1680
Inner material Stainless steel ( cold rolled sheet is available) Stainless steel ( cold rolled sheet is available)

laboratory oven certification
laboratory oven expo

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