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drying oven for cbd crystals

TOPTION this type stainless steel drying oven for cbd crystals is professional designed for our customers who are work in cbd industry, 50L type is most hotsale and support OEM & Fast delivery of the entire cabinet. ISO CE certification dependable quality guarantee, contact to get factory directly sale most competitive price list by

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Technical parameters of TOPTION new design drying oven for cbd crystals

Model 50L hotsale drying oven for cbd crystals isolate drying
Material Stainless steel material reliable quality guarantee
Tary material 10 layers, stainless steel material for easy cleaning
Liner Mirror design
Max load 5kg per tray
Vacuum drying Yes, vacuum drying, low temperature, which could protect cbd
Light design Inner light design for clear observation
Certification ISO CE certification, reliable quality guarantee, 1 year warranty period

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