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TOPTION stainless steel essential oil macking machine is popular suitable for the production and use of multiple varieties and small batches in universities, research institutes, laboratories of enterprises and institutions, and pharmaceutical factories. For the co-water or water-proof distillation extraction process of conventional oils and aromatic oils in plant branches, leaves, flowers, grasses and animal materials with higher oil content.

essential oil making machine

Main features of TOPTION essential oil making machine steam distillation equipment

1. The structure of this essential oil extraction equipment is exquisite and the operation is very simple. The operation is simple and flexible, and one person can easily complete the entire production process.

2. This extraction equipment is an ultra-small steam distillation extraction equipment developed by TOPTION in accordance with the classic process of essential oil extraction, combined with an advanced automatic control system.

3. This essential oil extraction equipment has a built-in layered multi-layer distillation blue, with an open-top structure, which is very convenient for placing flowers and plants and cleaning the equipment.

Technical parameters of TOPTION essential oil making machine

Model 100L 200L 300L
Voltage 380V, 50Hz 380V, 50Hz
380V, 50Hz
Power 12 kw 16 kw 24 kw
Jacketed layer pressure 0.3 Mpa 0.3 Mpa
0.3 Mpa
Extraction temperature < = 100 celsius degree < = 100 celsius degree
< = 100 celsius degree
Lifting method Manual lifting. automatic lifting is available
Certification ISO CE SGS TUV BV certification, dependable quality guarantee
Package Wooden box package for safe shipping

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essential oil making machine package

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