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molecular distiller separation equipment

Stainless steel molecular distiller separation equipment is made by TOPTION, with more than 15 years manufacturering experience, verified Chinese super manufacturer by SGS, TUV, BV etc world-renowned certification companies, UL / CE certification different configurations are available, factory directly sale with most competitive price, help you save cost and time. Your TOP OPTION separation equipment for cbd oil full spectrum distillate, for terpene distillation, for pure cbd oil, essential oil, fish oil, etc.

molecular distiller structure

Equipment analysis simple description of TOPTION this molecular distiller separation equipment configurations


Jacketed stainless steel feeding tank, sight glass design


UL / CE gear pump for automatic and continuously material feeding


Mechanical sealing and Magnetic sealing method are optional, strong motor to drive evaporator scraper rotation


Jacketed design evaporator ( stainless steel and glass material optional ), built in condenser design


Coils cold trap with sight glass design


Collection gear pump ( distillate ) for automatic & continuously collection


Collection gear pump ( residue ) for automatic & continuously collection


Full jacketed pipe design ( feeding and collection section )


Control cabinet, UL / CE configurations optional, explosion proof customization support


Heating and cooling circulator for precise temperature control system

11 High vacuum molecular pump vacuum pump unit ( 0.05pa / 1pa / 10pa )

Technical parameters of TOPTION stainless steel new design molecular distiller separation equipment

Model MDS-20CE 7 inch molecular distillation separation equipment
Material feeding tank capacity 30L, double layer design
Material Stainless steel
Feeding tank lid design 2 sight glass at top, and with insulated ball valve design for continuous working
Material charging flow speed 5L - 25L/h
Evaporation area of evaporator ( internal condenser design ) 0.2 m2
Film forming method Scraper type and roller type are optional
Seaing method Magnetic sealing and mechanical sealing are optional
Cold trap design

0.6m2 chiller cooling cold trap * 1pcs

3L liquid nitrogen cold trap * 1pcs

Certification UL / CE certification different configurations are available

stainless steel molecular distiller separation equipment
molecular distiller separation equipment filter net design

molecular distiller separation equipment evaporator

molecular distiller separation equipment cold trap

molecular distiller separation equipment gear pump

molecular distiller separation equipment design

ISO certification molecular distiller manufacturer, all vacuum distillation equipment have UL / CE differnet configurations available, TOPTION factory accepts many professional third-party certification companies to visit the factory every year. In 2020, TOPTION also accept many third-party certification companies entrusted by customers to visit the factory and conduct workshop live broadcasts, video calls, and real understanding from multiple perspectives with customers of TOPTION factory. If you want to find a suitable cbd oil molecular distillation equipment supplier, please give us a chance to contact

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