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hemp oil ethanol extraction

hemp oil ethanol extraction

15lbs 30lbs 50lbs 110lbs 160lbs 220lbs biomass/batch wide processing capacity range selection to meet your actual needs of different production scales. The matching double-layer stainless steel storage tank is used for alcohol pre-freezing and low-temperature circulation equipment. TOPTION provide a full set of customization. If you already have an alcohol pre-freezing tank or alcohol pre-freezing warehouse, TOPTION can customize the most suitable and safest according to your actual needs of extraction equipment.

hemp oil ethanol extraction
production process of ethanol extraction machine

In the above picture is a customized laboratory small centrifugal extraction equipment, high-quality stainless steel material, high-standard explosion-proof system, to protect the safety of the staff, through UL certification, GMP standards, want to buy reliable quality extraction equipment, TOPTION be your TOP OPTION.

Technical parameters of TOPTION laboratory small type hemp oil ethanol extraction machine

Model TOP-C15
Processing capacity
15 lbs/batch 30 lbs/batch
Standard Max speed 3000 r/min 2000 r/min
Optional speed 4000 r/min 3000 r/min
Main motor power 2.2/3 kw 3/4 kw
Vessel loading bearing 25 lbs 50 lbs
Certification UL certification, GMP standard
Package and shipping Strong wooden box packaging, transportation methods include sea, air, express, such as DHL, UPS, FEDEX, TNT, etc.

production process of hemp oil ethanol extraction

Advantages of TOPTION brand hemp oil ethanol extraction equipment, let us take a look at the picture below

production advantages of hemp oil ethanol extraction

hemp oil ethanol extraction machine supplier

hemp oil ethanol extraction certification

hemp oil ethanol extraction machine package

hemp oil ethanol extraction machine exhibation

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