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Biomass extraction equipment

TOPTION biomass extraction equipment is also popular as ethanol centrifuge extraction equipment, alcohol extraction machine, centrifugal extractors, etc, to extract crude oil from biomass for dried hemp, wide capacity range customization from 15lbs/batch to 220lbs/batch, could achieve 98% extraction rate from biomass, 97% ethanol recovery rate. UL certification, GMP standard, safe explosion proof control system design, TOPTION be your TOP OPTION of biomass extraction machine.

biomass extraction equipment
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Technical parameters of biomass centrifugal ethanol extraction equipment

Model TOP-C160 centrifugal extraction TOP-C220 ethanol extraction
Vessel diameter 40 inch 47 inch
Vessle volume 393L 565L
Biomass / batch 160lbs 220lbs
Alcohol solvent 546L 745L
Standard Max speed 900 r/min 700 r/min
Certification UL certification, GMP standard, Support third-party certification companies recognized by customers to go TOPTION factory for certification
Main advantages 15lbs ~ 220lbs biomass / batch, 98% high extraction rate from biomass, 97% alcohol recovery

biomass extraction equipment working process

Quality is TOPTION culture, Let's take a look at the detailed design of low temperature ethanol extraction equipment

biomass extraction equipment advantages

biomass extraction equipment working process

biomass extraction equipment package

biomass extraction equipment supplier

exhibation of extractors

biomass extraction equipment certification

Safety explosion-proof system design, PLC automatic control system customization, supporting double-layer storage tanks for alcohol pre-freezing, low-temperature equipment, TTOPTION provide overall customization, if you want to find a reliable and powerful Chinese supplier of extraction equipment , TOPTION will be your TOP OPTION, contact to get fast talking now.

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