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Hemp extraction equipment

Hemp extraction equipment

Main purpose of TOPTION brand centrifugal extraction equipment is to extract CBD and other cannabinoids from dried hemp, and filter out the organic matter and plant debris that are insoluble in ethanol. Centrifuge is the most convenient ethanol extraction solution in extracting industrial hemp. The material is quickly extracted by full contact with ethanol and high speed rotation.

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Technical parameters of 24 inch hotsale type ethanol extraction equipment

Model TOP-C50 24 inch low temperature ethanol extraction equipment
Vessel volume

How many pounds can be filled with hemp leaves in a rotating drum

50 lbs

How many liters does it take to pour alcohol over cannabis leaves

201 L
Standard Max speed
1500 r/min ( can be customized based on customer's actual requirement
Main motor power
5.5/7.5  kw
Vessel load-bearing
100 lbs
Cover design Mechanical spring to help the operator easily open the cover

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hemp extraction equipment advantages

Main features and advanatges of low temperature ethanol hemp extraction equipment

1. Extraction equipment can meet different explosion-proof requirements. Integrated explosion-proof control cabinet, EX external split PLC operation screen optional.

2. Emergency stop button design for emergency shutdown protection.

3. Siemens PLC control system & operation screen. All low-voltage electrical appliances use imported Schneider.

4. United states brand Honeywell Variable speed governor for stepless speed regulation of centrifuges, UL inverter optional.

5. CE certified electrical appliances, UL / EN standards available.

6. Spherical crown type flip cover, better strength and rigidity, effectively preventing the impact of flip cover deformation on the sealing performance of the whole machine, moreover, maintenance and cleaning are more convenient. The flip cover is made of plate as a whole, with high rigidity and strength, and smooth surface. Feeding tube, cleaning tube, sight glass, explosion-proof light, etc. are set on the flip cover, the layout is reasonable and beautiful, which is convenient for operation and production.

7. Equipped with explosion-proof lighting and observation glasses, it is more convenient to work. The observation mirror is equipped with a cleaning scraper device, which can be cleaned manually, easy to observe at running time. Stainless steel quick-opening handle, easy to open and lock.

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