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Storage tank

Stainless steel storage tank lab - pilot - industry wide capacity range flexible design, double layer and single layer optional, professional matched for ethanol extraction centrifuge, if you need jacketed type storage tank, we could provide matched cooling circulators chiller.

storage tank

stainless steel storage tank

storage tank structure design

1. Whole set of tank uses SS304 stainless steel 2. Ball valve
3. Stainless steel frame strong support 4. Quick open type hand hole
5. Sight light 6. Spray cleaning
7. Sight glass to observe process 8. Spare port
stainless steel storage vessel
stainless steel storage tank lid

stainless steel storage tank detail show

stainless steel storage tank discharging port

stainless steel storage tank wide application

stainless steel storage tank application

storage tank certification

distillation turnkey solution

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