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Ethanol extraction centrifuge system

Ethanol extraction centrifuge system

TOPTION brand food grade stainless steel cbd crude oil extraction equipment integrated ethanol extraction and centrifugal technique togetherr in one machine for fast extraction. Could achieve 98% extraction rate from biomass and 97% ethanol removal.

ethanol extraction centrifuge system types

ethanol extraction centrifuge system working process

ethanol extraction centrifuge system advantages

Your benefits of ethanol extraction centrifuge system

1. Low temperature  -60 ℃ to 50 ℃ acceptable.
2. 304 & 316L sanitary stainless steel.

3. Large mirror structure for a clear view of the inside of centrifuge.

4. Fully automatic extraction process, the program can set drum positive reversal rotation speed, time & cycle times, and can switch manual control. The dehydration rotation speed and time can be set.

5. Display temperature & pressure.
6. Zipper filter bag for quick loading and unloading. Designed for single person operation.

7. Three-phase 220V explosion-proof motor, PLC & touch screen control, frequency conversion control cabinet. Equipped with two inlet / intake tubes, one with valve vacuum port, one drain port, and coolant inlet and outlet. The centrifuge body has a cooling jacketed layer.

8. Optional configuration: oxygen content detection and protection system, cart structure.

ethanol extraction centrifuge system advantages

ethanol extraction centrifuge system factory

ethanol extraction centrifuge system package

TOPTION as turnkey solution of cbd distillation & extraction, will be your TOP OPTION partner to produce pure cbd oil and built your global popular reliable cbd oil brand.

1.Extraction system: Extraction involves using a solvent such as ethanol/alcohol, heptane, hexane to extract oils from biomass.

2.Distillation system: in distillation step, all volatile organic compounds and impurities are removed leaving behind a pristine high-quality oil.

3. Evaporation system: Evaporation mainly used to remove ethanol from the plant crude oil.

4.Reaction system include stainless steel decarboxylation reactor, jacketed glass crystallization reactor with filtration system.

5.Filtration system: filtration removes suspended particulates / absorbents from the tincture, like plant waxes, particulates and chlorophyll, etc.

ethanol extraction centrifuge system turnkey solution
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