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Winterization dewaxing filter

Winterization dewaxing filter

TOPTION this type filtration apparatus is combined with our glass reactor system perfectly, which is popular used in cbd oil distillation process as winterization / dewaxing filtration device.

winterization dewaxing filter

Structure description of this glass type dewaxing filter

glass dewaxing filter

Advantages of this glass winterization dewaxing filter

- Lab / pilot / industry models flexible design, wide capacity range optional.

- High borosilicate glass material, resistant to corrosion and acid & alkali, excellent quality chemical performance.

- PTFE filter plate or sand-core filter plate optional, good sealing performance, good filtration performance, and easy to clean.

- Vacuum pump is available, automatic material charging & discharging, easy & convenient operation, also could improve efficient.

winterization dewaxing filter supplier

As CE certified, IAF approved ISO certification vacuum filtration equipment manufacturer, we have mature and strong technical support according to your actual requirement. 

Fast delivery, safe package, wholehearted service during filtration system long service life, support OEM, welcome factory visit contact

dewaxing filter supplier

cbd distillation turnkey solution

winterization dewaxing filter supplier

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