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Lab nutsche filter dryer

Lab nutsche filter dryer

TOPTION this stainless steel type nutsche filter dryer gather "Filtration, Washing, Drying" function in one machine, which is a new premium solid-liquid separation technology, can make the material finish filtering, washing and drying process in an airtight container equipment, utmost to improve the utilization rate of the nutsche filter dryer.

lab nutsche filter dryer
nutsche filter dryer for sale

Technical parameters of stainless steel nutsche filter dryer

Filter area

0.07 m2

Filtering accuracy


Inner diameter

300 mm


0.02 m3

Empty weight

600 kg

Total height

1700 mm + 150 mm

Tank design pressure

-0.10.4 MPa

Jacket operation pressure

0.5 MPa

Tank operation temp


Jacket operation temp


Tank working medium

Chemical materials

Jacket working medium

Cooling water, hot water, hot oil, steam

Heating position

Tank(jacket), bottom (jacket)

Discharge method

Manual side discharge

Pressure tank design standard


Flange design standard


Clamp design standard


Discharge valve port size


Discharge port size


reliable quality of nutsche filter dryer

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