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Vacuum Distillation Wipe Film

2023-03-21 13:19:34

The vacuum distillation wipes film equipment can be used in the separation and purification of heat-sensitive substances. Unlike conventional distillation, which is based on the principle of separation of substances by boiling point difference, the separation is based on the difference in the average free range of molecular motion of each substance in the mixture. It is a mild and safe distillation method for thermal target products.

Maintaining vacuum distillation wipe film equipment in a vacuum environment is also an important point, in the vacuum state, to maintain a certain pressure, you can maximize the heating time to keep short, fast separation efficiency, so the connection of a vacuum pump is also an option.

vacuum distillation wipes film

According to your needs, we can customize different vacuum distillation wipe film equipment of 1-200L models for you. Several experimental proofs are needed before selection, and it cannot be simply assembled, and it is our duty to provide you with selection, production and installation, and after-sales service tracking. Welcome to consult to contact us.

vacuum distillation wipes film


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