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Advanced Molecular Distillation Equipment

2023-03-20 17:09:18

  Advanced molecular distillation equipment is applied for the separation and purification of liquids, which can be separated at lower temperatures. Advanced molecular distillation equipment is purely a separation apparatus, used in conjunction with other extraction equipment and with high pre-treatment requirements for the material. Applications are in the chemical field, biomedical field, petroleum field, food field, and many other l fields.

  This advanced molecular distillation equipment is customized in a large plant with a volume of 200L. The feeding equipment uses a custom stainless steel custom tank connected to a gear pump, which can work continuously 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to ensure the feeding speed.

advanced molecular distillation equipment

  In addition, a vacuum unit was connected to ensure that the experiments were performed in a vacuum environment, which also reflects the advantages of advanced molecular distillation equipment. The temperature control equipment and the overall controller ensure the reaction temperature of the experiment. In large-scale experiments, temperature control is a very important aspect. Various devices work in conjunction with each other to make the experiments run properly.

advanced molecular distillation equipment

  As a supplier of advanced  molecular distillation equipment, Toption has mature experience in research and development, production, sales and service of distillation equipment, which is manufactured in our factory to provide you with favorable prices and a team of professional engineers to provide you with technical support, equipment installation and training in use, etc. Welcome to consult to get the price list and service list.

advanced molecular distillation equipment


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