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Chemical Vacuum Distillers

2023-03-20 15:34:40

The three-stage chemical vacuum distillers can be applied in the field of oil purification and lubricant reuse. Using the different evaporation temperatures of impurities and target products, the chemical vacuum distillers separate the two at a lower temperature, which can effectively remove other substances in the liquid, such as organic solvents, odors, etc.

chemical vacuum distillers

Chemical vacuum distillers a pure separation apparatus, used in conjunction with other extraction equipment and requires high pre-treatment of materials. In the chemical industry, molecular distillation equipment is used in waste lubricant regeneration operations, where the waste lubricant is pretreated and light components are removed. The waste lubricant is distilled in a distillation tower after spare diesel fuel is removed as raw material until a better base oil is regenerated.

We provide you with different parameters for different models. According to the nature of the separated materials, the reasonable selection and configuration of each unit is very critical to the performance of the complete distillation unit, and Toption expertise and technology strongly support the chemical machinery manufacturing technology, and the complete configuration is more relevant and relevant to the customer's requirements. Welcome to consult for the price list and service list.

chemical vacuum distillers

chemical vacuum distillers


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