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Rotary vacuum evaporator customer feedback

2021-08-25 16:55:07

TOPTION this customer purchased two sets of RE-5000 5L rotary evaporators, which are matched with cooling circulating water bath chiller, vacuum pump and vacuum controller. Among them, the evaporation flasks and the receiving flasks have been customized in multiple quantities. Both sets of rotary evaporation apparatus adopt automatic lifting, LCD liquid crystal screen displays temperature and speed, whole operation process is very convenient and easy.

rotary vacuum evaporator customer feedback

Rotary evaporator has a wide range of uses. It can be said that it is a standing equipment in laboratories, schools, and research institutes. It is mainly used for concentration, purification, solvent removal, alcohol | ethanol recovery, and refining, etc. In fact, it is also widely used in many households business, such as customers in the wine industry.

From 1L to 100L large capacity range, from economical configuration of LED digital display and manual lifting, to efficient configuration of automatic lifting LCD display, TOPTION rotary evaporators fully meets the needs of customers with different budgets. All evaporators through ISO CE certification, reliable quality guarantee, DM inquiry now.


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