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Extraction machine turnkey solution

2021-02-23 11:20:57

Extraction machine turnkey solution from hemp biomass crude oil extraction to get high purity cbd crystals, include cbd isolate drying process, complete cbd oil production process equipment customization, technical support for new starter, 1 set cbd machine customization, for hotsale types extractors, distillers, evaporators in stock for fast delivery within 7days, UL & CE certification different configurations are available, chillers, heaters, vacuum pump are optional.

extraction machine turnkey solution

The picture above is a UL-certified production line that we customized for customers. Because TOPTION customers chose low-temperature alcohol centrifugal extraction equipment, so our engineers customized double-layer alcohol pre-freezing tanks and matched low-temperature equipment chillers to achieve high-efficiency low-temperature extraction to obtain hemp crude oil, including after processing equipment filtration, alcohol removal, decarboxylation to convert CBDA to CBD, high-efficiency short-path molecular distillation, 99% high-purity cbd crystallization, to the final drying, a complete set of explosion-proof control systems to ensure high efficiency while also ensuring safe operation and environmental protection.

This is a complete and mature cbd extraction and distillation solution that saves costs and helps you save a lot of time. Of course, TOPTION also provide customization of a single device, or help you upgrade your existing cbd oil production line to match high and low temperature circulation equipment, vacuum pump equipment, etc. Waiting for you to contact us by


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