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New product cbd decarboxylation reactor

2020-10-20 16:19:13

New product cbd decarboxylation reactor is professional designed for cbd industry, to convert CBD-A into CBD, when the stainless steel reactor is equipped with heating circulator, will taking into account the functions of melting, heating reaction, concentration, etc. Multifunctional reactor, easy operation and high effcient, professional customization based on your actual demand.

decarboxylation reactor

The performance advantages and characteristics of TOPTION stainless steel reactor cbd decarboxylation reaction tank

1. Condenser - equipped with an upper condenser, taking into account the reflux reaction and cooling functions.
2. Solvent receiving tank - it can accept the reaction by-products from liquid separation, and can also accept solvents concentrated by distillation.
3. Compact structure
 - Integration in the main frame: kettle body, receiving tank, condenser and process pipeline.

4. Diversified functions - The equipment takes into account the functions of decarboxylation and solvent concentration.
5. Accurate audience - This equipment is designed for the CBD industry, and the process and operating temperature are based on the process in the industry.

TOPTION Instrument as a manufacturer of cbd stainless steel extraction and distillation equipment, we have more than 15 years of R&D and production experience, professional equipment customization capabilities and technical support, which will be the most valuable service we can provide you in the cbd industry,  to save you cost and time, your success can then have our success, contact get fast price quote now.


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