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2020 new design decarbonization reactor

2020-07-13 15:10:32

2020 new design decarbonization reactor

New design stainless steel decarbonization reactor widely used in cbd industry for decarboxylation process, it can achieve continuously ethanol recovery and decarb purpose directly together. Usually used after evaporation process ( solvent remove | ethanol recovery ). Whole process FYI ( extraction - filtration - evaporation | condensation - decarboxylation - distillation - crystallization ), TOPTION provide one stop turnkey solution, welcome contact to get technical support, professional customize, factory directly sale price, fast delivery within 7 days.

decarbonization tank

TOPTION this stainless steel material decarboxylation reactor hotsale model is 50L 100L, which is stock availale for fast delivery within 7days, of course we also support professional customization:

- Lab - pilot - industry wide capacity range flexible design.

- UL certificated configurations are optional.

- Professional customization with greatest flexibility.

- Heaters, chillers, vacuum pump are available.

decarboxylation reactor factory

Main advantages such as stainless steel material for duarable operation, for quickly heat transfer rate. Larger condenser area for improved recover. Ball valve design, achieve a complete seal within a large pressure & temperature range. Reflux design you could achieve twice decarboxyte process conveniently.

Choose TOPTION decarbonization reactor, you could achieve multi-purpose - ethanol continuous recovery, raw material concentration, set heater to heat for decarb purpose directly then. Factory directly sale, help you save cost and time, contact now.


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