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How to do home disinfection safely?

2020-03-07 20:39:57

How to do home disinfection safely?

In special times, how we do indoor disinfection is very important for the protection of family health. Let's learn together.

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1. How should alcohol be used?

1) Alcohol is preferably 75%. If you buy 90% alcohol, dilute it according to the instructions.
2) Can spray or wipe door handles, desktops, elevator buttons, mobile phones, etc. Do not spray in the air or on the body in large quantities.

3) Use alcohol indoors, keep well ventilated, used towels and other cleaning tools, rinse with water and dry in a ventilated place.
4) Before use, remove surrounding flammable and combustible materials and avoid open flames. Turn off the power before disinfecting the surface of the appliance.

5) Large quantities of alcohol should not be hoarded in the home, and should not exceed 500ml in a single bottle.
6) Storage containers must be sealed, and the use of uncovered containers is strictly prohibited. Do not place it near a heat source environment such as a cooktop, near a power outlet, or near a table corner, etc. to prevent it from accidentally falling over.

2. How to use 84 disinfectant and other chlorine disinfectants?

1) Be sure to dilute it according to the instructions for use.
2) Can not be used with disinfection and cleaning products such as toilet cleaner, it will generate toxic gas and endanger human health.

3) Not recommended for use with alcohol.
4) Avoid skin, eyes, mouth and nose, wear masks, rubber gloves and waterproof apron when using.

5) Configure and use in a well-ventilated area. Use cold water. Hot water will affect the sterilization effect.

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