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Application of crystallization filter reactor

2019-09-23 18:12:52

Application of crystallization filter reactor

Crystallization refers to the separation process of solid crystals from solution, vapor or melt. The crystallization process is an important operating unit of cbd oil process, and it is a high-efficiency, low-energy, low-pollution separation technology. So it has been widely used in cbd oil purification process.

application of crystallization filter reactor

In above picture is TOPTION 2019 new design crystallization filter reactor combined with ultrasonic homogenization function, which could help to make your sample be mixed more uniform, help you achieve extraction and filtration in one run, very easy & convenient operation, help you save time and cost.

What's the application of crystallization filter reactor?

1. Basic liquid solid separations

Our engineers design filtration combined with reactor perfectly, when the liquid sample passed through the filter, the solids may be wash to remove any undesired component, achieve liquid and solid separation.

2. Ethanol extraction

As this downward opening type double layer glass reactor combine reaction and filtration function in one set, so it's efficiency in ethanol extraction which is higher than regular ethanol.

Ultrasonic homogenizer function could be customized, which will help to decrease the reaction time needed for extraction, and increase the filtration speed.

crystallization reactor

3. Solvent recovery

This type glass reactor filter is jacketed layer design, could be connect with heating & cooling circulators, to do high temperature reaction, also has high efficient condenser, vaporized solvent collection flask design, could be used for solvent recovery.

TOPTION 2019 new design crystallization filter reactor can performs solids filtration, reaction, crystallization in a single unit, also support stainless steel nutsche filter dryer customize, which could do filtration, washing, re-slurring and drying in a single unit, reducing process time, labor and environmental exposure.

nutsche filter dryer

So this crystallization filter reactor is widely used in plant extraction,liquid-liquid extraction and normal temperature reaction,etc.

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