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How To Operate Short Path Distillation Kit?

2017-09-21 16:04:03

How To Operate Short Path Distillation Kit?

Short path distillation kit capacity range 2L, 5L, which is suitable for home use, laboratory use cbd distillation, clove oil distillation, essential oil distillation process, etc.

short path distillation kit

What do you need to pay attention when operate short path distillation kit?

1. Please use ground lead for safety.

2. In order to extend the use of the product, all the motors of the magnetic stirrer are equipped with fan heat dissipation function. Therefore, in the heating experiment, especially in the high-temperature heating experiment, the instrument cannot be used solely for heating, and the motor must be adjusted to the rotating or medium-speed rotating state (or idling) to prevent the motor and electrical appliances from being damaged by high-temperature radiation.

3. Heating part of the higher temperature, please work carefully, so as not to burn.

4. At the end of high temperature heating, please turn off the heating first, and then turn off the stirring after the residual heat dissipates for a few minutes.

5. There are wet hands, liquid overflow, or long-term exposure to excessive humidity under the condition of electricity leakage phenomenon, should be timely drying or natural drying after use, so as to avoid the risk of occurrence.

6. When the first time operation, there is white smoke and peculiar smell inside cover, color becomes brown again by white become white belong to normal phenomenon, because glass fiber contains oily quality and other compound in production process, should put in ventilated place, after a few minutes disappear, can use normally.

7.When the liquid overflows into the jacket, please shut off the power supply quickly and put the heating mantle in a ventilated place. It can be used after drying to avoid the danger of electricity leakage or electrical short circuit.

short path distillation kit structure

8. When not in use for a long time, please keep the electric heating mantle in a dry and non-corrosive place.

9. Please do not use empty sleeves for heating or dry burning.

10. If the ambient humidity is too high, there may be inductive electricity passing through the insulation layer to the shell. Please use the grounding wire to avoid power leakage and pay attention to ventilation.

11. Relative humidity: 35%-85% (no condensation).

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