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What need to attention when buy short path kit?

2018-10-20 16:28:08

What need to attention when buy short path kit?

There're are many short path distillation kit suppliers in market, through picture maybe they're almost same, the price also little difference, so how to How to tell the good quality one? Please pay attention to below points

1. The vacuum sealing must to be reliable. Most important is the temperature sensor connect with evaporation flask place, the sealing part has PTFE plug and PTFE sealing ring. For many customers bought one set short path distillation kit, find the temperature sealing place is very loose, cause whole set could not use any more.

short path distillation kit

2. The length of temperature sensor. Please pay attention the temperature sensor could reach the bottom of evaporation flask, ensure your could know the accurate temperature when your sample is little capacity.

2L short path distillation

3.  The tube should be long enough, guarantee the distillate oil could collected in collection flask, and please pay attention to the three flask position, should be easy to rotate, and no matter how to rotate, the oil could be collected in flask.

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These experience are collected during many years short path distillation equipment operation, should could help you avoid some problems, could help you save cost and save time. If you want to know more, or get product video, welcome contact for free consult and guarantee professional.


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